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	public ColorMapper asColorMapper(int size) {
		return ColorPalettes.asColorMapper(get(size), type);
	public static Set<ColorBrewer> getSets(int size) {
		return data.column(size).keySet();
	 * Creates a list of colors for the number of specified colors and the neutral color index from this color scheme. 
	 * Depending on the type of color scheme the returned colors may contain duplicates for qualitative schemes, or 
	 * interpolate between colors for diverging or sequential schemes, if more colors are requested than present. 
	 * @param numColors 
	 *            Number of colors that shall be generated. 
	 * @param neutralColorIndex 
	 *            Index of the color that should serve as neutral color. Only considered for diverging color schemes. 
	 *            Specify -1 if there should be no specific neutral color. 
	 * @return List of colors for this color scheme.