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    public void setRpcBroker(final RpcProviderRegistry rpcBroker) {
        this.rpcBroker = rpcBroker;
    public void setNotificationBroker(final NotificationProviderService notificationBroker) {
        this.notificationBroker = notificationBroker;
    public void setLegacyDataBroker(final DataProviderService dataBroker) {
        this.legacyDataBroker = dataBroker;
    public void start() { 
        checkState(controllerRoot == null, "Binding Aware Broker was already started.");"Starting Binding Aware Broker: {}", identifier);
        controllerRoot = new RootSalInstance(getRpcProviderRegistry(), getNotificationBroker(), getDataBroker());
        ImmutableClassToInstanceMap.Builder<BindingAwareService> consBuilder = ImmutableClassToInstanceMap.builder();