Code examples for org.springframework.cglib.proxy.Factory

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			// SPR-10785: set callbacks directly on the instance instead of in the 
			// enhanced class (via the Enhancer) in order to avoid memory leaks. 
			Factory factory = (Factory) instance; 
			factory.setCallbacks(new Callback[] {NoOp.INSTANCE, 
					new LookupOverrideMethodInterceptor(this.beanDefinition, this.owner), 
					new ReplaceOverrideMethodInterceptor(this.beanDefinition, this.owner)}); 
			return instance; 
		 * Create an enhanced subclass of the bean class for the provided bean 
		 * definition, using CGLIB. 
		private Class<?> createEnhancedSubclass(RootBeanDefinition beanDefinition) { 
			Enhancer enhancer = new Enhancer(); 
			enhancer.setCallbackFilter(new MethodOverrideCallbackFilter(beanDefinition)); 
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