Code example for SimpleBindings

 * The Sightly Script engine 
public class SightlyScriptEngine extends AbstractSlingScriptEngine { 
    private static final Logger LOG = LoggerFactory.getLogger(SightlyScriptEngine.class); 
    private static final Bindings EMPTY_BINDINGS = new SimpleBindings(Collections.<String, Object>emptyMap());
    private static final int MAX_CLASSLOADER_RETRIES = 5;
    private final UnitLoader unitLoader;
    private final Dynamic dynamic;
    private final ExtensionRegistryService extensionRegistryService;
    public SightlyScriptEngine(ScriptEngineFactory scriptEngineFactory,
                               UnitLoader unitLoader,
                               Dynamic dynamic,
                               ExtensionRegistryService extensionRegistryService) {
        this.unitLoader = unitLoader;
        this.dynamic = dynamic;
        this.extensionRegistryService = extensionRegistryService;
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