Code example for JarEntry

Methods: getCommentgetExtragetName

     * @param injarEntry the existing entry. 
     * @return a new jar entry, based on the existing entry, suitable for use in a new jar file. 
    private static final JarEntry createOutjarEntry(JarEntry injarEntry) {
        // Just copy the name, the comment, and any extra data. 
        JarEntry outjarEntry = new JarEntry(injarEntry.getName());
        return outjarEntry;
     * Convert a jar entry name to a file path. 
     * @param entryName the entry name. 
     * @return a file path corresponding to the entry name. 
     * Slashes in the entry name will be treated as delimiters separating segments of the entry. 
    private static final ResourcePath.FilePath getFilePathFromJarEntry(String entryName) {