Code example for SQLNonTransientConnectionException

                    String cypherPath = discovery.getCypherPath();
                    cypherResource = resources.getCypherResource(cypherPath);
                } catch (IOException e)
                    throw new SQLNonTransientConnectionException(e);
    public ExecutionResult executeQuery(String query, Map<String, Object> parameters) throws SQLException {
        final ClientResource resource = new ClientResource(cypherResource);
        try { 
            ObjectNode queryNode = queryParameter(query, parameters);
            Representation rep =;
            rep.setCharacterSet(new CharacterSet("UTF-8"));
            JsonNode node = mapper.readTree(rep.getReader());
            final ResultParser parser = new ResultParser(node);
            return new ExecutionResult(parser.getColumns(), parser.streamData());
        } catch (ResourceException e) {
            String msg=extractErrorMessage(resource);
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