Code example for MalformedObjectNameException

Methods: getMessage

        try { 
            ProcessingParameters paramsMerged = pProcessingParams.mergedParams((Map<String,String>) pRequestMap.get("config"));
            RequestType type = RequestType.getTypeByName((String) pRequestMap.get("type"));
            return (R) getCreator(type).create(pRequestMap, paramsMerged);
        } catch (MalformedObjectNameException e) {
            throw new IllegalArgumentException("Invalid object name. " + e.getMessage(),e);
     * Create a list of {@link JmxRequest}s from a JSON list representing jmx requests 
     * @param pJsonRequests JSON representation of a list of {@link JmxRequest} 
     * @param pProcessingParams processing options. Must not be null. 
     * @return list with one or more {@link JmxRequest} 
    public static List<JmxRequest> createPostRequests(List pJsonRequests, ProcessingParameters pProcessingParams) {
        List<JmxRequest> ret = new ArrayList<JmxRequest>();
        for (Object o : pJsonRequests) {
            if (!(o instanceof Map)) {
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