Code example for PropertyResourceBundle

        if(is==null) {
            throw new AgoravaException("Property file : " +bundleName+".properties, not found");
            try { 
                return new PropertyResourceBundle(is);
            } catch (IOException e) {
                throw new AgoravaException("Didn't found Agorava properties file",e);
     * {@inheritDoc} <p/> 
     * This implementation will build the {@link OAuthAppSettings} from a {@link ResourceBundle} 
     * <p/> 
     * It'll first try to load all binding (mandatory) fields from the bundle by looking for the key prefix.fieldName (or 
     * fieldName if prefix is empty) 
     * <p/> 
     * In a second time it'll check if optional fields are present in the bundle (with the same key construction) and load 
     * them if they are.