Code example for JScrollPane

Methods: setAutoscrollssetViewportView

     * @param list The list of the scroll pane 
     * @return A <code>JScrollPane</code> object 
    public static JScrollPane createJScrollPane(JList list) {
        JScrollPane jScrollPane = new JScrollPane();
        return jScrollPane;
     * Creates a new <code>JList</code> object with the given properties. 
     * @param list The list of <code>MapdustAction</code> objects 
     * @return A <code>JList</code> object 
    public static JList createJList(List<MapdustAction> list) {
        final JList jList = new JList(new ActionListModel(list));
        jList.setBorder(new LineBorder(, 1, false));
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