Code example for JTextComponent

Methods: getSelectionColor

	 * @return returns the text editor's highlight color. 
	protected Color getHighlightColor() {
		JTextComponent textComp = (JTextComponent) fContainer;
		return textComp.getSelectionColor();
	// Progressive display ------------------------------------------------- 
	// This can come on any thread. If we are in the process of reloading 
	// the image and determining our state (loading == true) we don't fire 
	// preference changed, or repaint, we just reset the fWidth/fHeight as 
	// necessary and return. This is ok as we know when loading finishes 
	// it will pick up the new height/width, if necessary. 
	private static boolean	sIsInc		= true;
	private static int		sIncRate	= 100;