Code example for UIManager.LookAndFeelInfo

Methods: getClassName

        public boolean equals(Object obj) { 
            if (!(obj instanceof LookAndFeelInfo)) {
                return false; 
            LookAndFeelInfo other = (LookAndFeelInfo) obj;
            return getClassName().equals(other.getClassName());
        public int hashCode() { 
            return getClassName().hashCode();
    public static void setUIFont(javax.swing.plaf.FontUIResource font) {
        Enumeration<Object> keys = UIManager.getDefaults().keys();
        while (keys.hasMoreElements()) { 
            Object key = keys.nextElement(); 
            if (UIManager.get(key) instanceof javax.swing.plaf.FontUIResource) {
                UIManager.put(key, font);
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