Code example for Set

Methods: size

	 * Whether the controller represented by this instance has declared any 
	 * session attributes through an {@link SessionAttributes} annotation. 
	public boolean hasSessionAttributes() { 
		return ((this.attributeNames.size() > 0) || (this.attributeTypes.size() > 0));
	 * Whether the attribute name or type match the names and types specified 
	 * via {@code @SessionAttributes} in underlying controller. 
	 * <p>Attributes successfully resolved through this method are "remembered" 
	 * and subsequently used in {@link #retrieveAttributes(WebRequest)} and 
	 * {@link #cleanupAttributes(WebRequest)}. 
	 * @param attributeName the attribute name to check, never {@code null} 
	 * @param attributeType the type for the attribute, possibly {@code null} 
	public boolean isHandlerSessionAttribute(String attributeName, Class<?> attributeType) {
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