Code example for Set

Methods: addcontains

	protected void registerHandler(PortletMode mode, String parameter, Object handler)
			throws BeansException, IllegalStateException {
		// Check for duplicate parameter values across all portlet modes. 
		if (!this.allowDuplicateParameters && this.parametersUsed.contains(parameter)) {
			throw new IllegalStateException(
					"Duplicate entries for parameter [" + parameter + "] in different Portlet modes");
		registerHandler(new PortletModeParameterLookupKey(mode, parameter), handler);
	 * Returns a lookup key that combines the current PortletMode and the current 
	 * value of the specified parameter. 
	 * @see javax.portlet.PortletRequest#getPortletMode() 
	 * @see #setParameterName 
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