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	 * for the given qualifier annotation types. 
	 * @param qualifierTypes the qualifier annotations to look for 
	public QualifierAnnotationAutowireCandidateResolver(Set<Class<? extends Annotation>> qualifierTypes) {
		Assert.notNull(qualifierTypes, "'qualifierTypes' must not be null");
	 * Register the given type to be used as a qualifier when autowiring. 
	 * <p>This identifies qualifier annotations for direct use (on fields, 
	 * method parameters and constructor parameters) as well as meta 
	 * annotations that in turn identify actual qualifier annotations. 
	 * <p>This implementation only supports annotations as qualifier types. 
	 * The default is Spring's {@link Qualifier} annotation which serves 
	 * as a qualifier for direct use and also as a meta annotation. 
	 * @param qualifierType the annotation type to register 
	public void addQualifierType(Class<? extends Annotation> qualifierType) {