Code example for Set

Methods: addAll

	 * @see #setConfigLocation(String) 
	 * @see #refresh() 
	public void register(Class<?>... annotatedClasses) {
		Assert.notEmpty(annotatedClasses, "At least one annotated class must be specified");
	 * Perform a scan within the specified base packages. 
	 * <p>Note that {@link #refresh()} must be called in order for the context 
	 * to fully process the new classes. 
	 * @param basePackages the packages to check for annotated classes 
	 * @see #loadBeanDefinitions(DefaultListableBeanFactory) 
	 * @see #register(Class...) 
	 * @see #setConfigLocation(String) 
	 * @see #refresh() 
	public void scan(String... basePackages) {
		Assert.notEmpty(basePackages, "At least one base package must be specified");
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