Code example for Set

Methods: contains

	 * @param collectionType the collection type to check 
	 * @return {@code true} if the type is approximable, 
	 * {@code false} if it is not 
	public static boolean isApproximableCollectionType(Class<?> collectionType) {
		return (collectionType != null && approximableCollectionTypes.contains(collectionType));
	 * Create the most approximate collection for the given collection. 
	 * <p>Creates an ArrayList, TreeSet or linked Set for a List, SortedSet 
	 * or Set, respectively. 
	 * @param collection the original Collection object 
	 * @param initialCapacity the initial capacity 
	 * @return the new Collection instance 
	 * @see java.util.ArrayList 
	 * @see java.util.TreeSet 
	 * @see java.util.LinkedHashSet