Code example for Path

Methods: resolve

  // package-private to the com.facebook.buck.rules directory. Currently, they are also used in the 
  // package, but these values should be injected into shell commands rather 
  // than hardcoded therein. This ensures that shell commands stay build-rule-agnostic. 
  public static final String GEN_DIR = BUCK_OUTPUT_DIRECTORY + "/gen";
  public static final Path GEN_PATH = BUCK_OUTPUT_PATH.resolve("gen");
  public static final String BIN_DIR = BUCK_OUTPUT_DIRECTORY + "/bin";
  public static final Path BIN_PATH = BUCK_OUTPUT_PATH.resolve("bin");
  public static final String ANNOTATION_DIR = BUCK_OUTPUT_DIRECTORY + "/annotation";
  public static final Path ANNOTATION_PATH = BUCK_OUTPUT_PATH.resolve("annotation");
  public static final Path LOG_PATH = BUCK_OUTPUT_PATH.resolve("log");
  public static final Path BUCK_TRACE_DIR = BUCK_OUTPUT_PATH.resolve("log/traces");
   * This variable is package-private because conceptually, only parsing logic should be concerned 
   * with the files that define build rules. Note that if the value of this variable changes, the 
   * {@code BUILD_RULES_FILE_NAME} constant in {@code} must be updated, as well.