Code example for ImageTypeSpecifier

		// this is a trick to workaround 
		sm = cm.createCompatibleSampleModel(tileHeight, tileWidth);
		// image type specifier 
		imageType = new ImageTypeSpecifier(cm, sm);
	 * This method check if the ImageIndex indicated is valid. For 
	 * {@link AsciiGridsImageReader} the only legal imageIndex value is 0, since 
	 * AsciiGrid sources may contain data for just a single image 
	 * @param imageIndex 
	 *            the index of the required image which need to be always 0 
	 *            since AsciiGrid format supports only single image. 
	 * @throws IndexOutOfBoundsException 
	 *             if imageIndex is greater than 0. 
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