Code example for ZipEntry

Methods: getName

        Reader(InputStream input) throws IOException {
            assert input != null;
            this.original = input;
            this.input = new ZipInputStream(input);
            ZipEntry first = this.input.getNextEntry();
            if (first == null || first.getName().equals(FIRST_ENTRY_NAME) == false) {
                throw new IOException("file list is broken");
         * Returns true iff the next temporary file exists, 
         * and then the {@link #getCurrentFile()} and {@link #openContent()} method returns it. 
         * @return {@code true} if the next data model object exists, otherwise {@code false} 
         * @throws IOException if failed to prepare the next data 
        public boolean next() throws IOException {
            while (sawEof == false) {
                ZipEntry entry = input.getNextEntry();
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