Code example for HandlerResolver

Methods: getHandlerChain

        ServiceDescription serviceDesc = 
            DescriptionFactory.createServiceDescription(null, serviceQName, HandlerResolverTestService.class, sparseComposite, serviceDelegateKey);
        HandlerResolver resolver = new HandlerResolverImpl(serviceDesc);
        PortInfo pi = new DummyPortInfo();
        List<Handler> list = resolver.getHandlerChain(pi);
        assertEquals(0, list.size());
     * The sparse composite has handler config information for the key that the HandlerResolver 
     * is created with, so that handler resolver contains those handlers.  However, the  
     * portInfo specified on the getHandlerChain does NOT match the QName in the config file 
     * so no handlers should be returned. 
    public void testHandlerResolverInvalidPortInfo() { 
        QName serviceQName = new QName(namespaceURI, svcLocalPart);
        QName portQName = new QName(namespaceURI, portWrongLocalPart);
        // Create a composite with a JAXB Handler Config  
        DescriptionBuilderComposite sparseComposite = new DescriptionBuilderComposite();