Package org.omg.CORBA

 Exception thrown when an object reference denotes an existing object, but that the object does not support the operation that was invoked. It… API Doc
 Exception thrown when the request carried an invalid transaction context. For example, this exception could be raised if an error occurred when… API Doc
 Exception thrown when an invocation failed because the caller has insufficient privileges. It contains a minor code, which gives more detailed… API Doc
 The root class for all CORBA standard exceptions. These exceptions may be thrown as a result of any CORBA operation invocation and may also be… API Doc
 Serves as a container for any data that can be described in IDL or for any IDL primitive type. An Any object is used as a component of a … API Doc
 Exception thrown when a parameter passed to a call is out of range or otherwise considered illegal. An ORB may raise this exception if null… API Doc
 The Holder for Int. For more information on Holder files, see "Generated Files: Holder Files". A Holder class for an int that is used to store… API Doc
 This exception indicates that even though the operation that was invoked exists (it has an IDL definition), no implementation for that operation… API Doc
 A class providing APIs for the CORBA Object Request Broker features. The ORB class also provides "pluggable ORB implementation" APIs that allow… API Doc
 An object that captures the explicit state of a request for the Dynamic Skeleton Interface (DSI). This class, the cornerstone of the DSI, is… API Doc
 The CORBA TRANSACTION_UNAVAILABLE exception is thrown by the ORB when it cannot process a transaction service context because its connection to… API Doc
 A container for information about a specific CORBA data type. TypeCode objects are used: in the Dynamic Invocation Interface -- to indicate… API Doc
 This exception is raised if an operation implementation throws a non-CORBA exception (such as an exception specific to the implementation's… API Doc
 The root class for CORBA IDL-defined user exceptions. All CORBA user exceptions are checked exceptions, which means that they need to be declared… API Doc
 The CORBA WrongTransaction user-defined exception. This exception is thrown only by the methods Request.get_response and ORB.get_next_response… API Doc
 This exception indicates an internal failure in an ORB, for example, if an ORB has detected corruption of its internal data structures. It… API Doc
 A user exception thrown when a policy error occurs. A PolicyError exception may include one of the following policy error reason codes defined in… API Doc
 Describes a member of an IDL struct in the Interface Repository, including the name of the struct member, the type of the struct member, and … API Doc
 Exception indicates that the request carried a null transaction context, but an active transaction is required. It contains a minor code, which… API Doc