The ProtocolException class is a base class for exceptions related to a specific protocol binding. Subclasses are used to communicate protocol… API Doc
 This class represents an WS-Addressing EndpointReference which is a remote reference to a web service endpoint. See Web Services Addressing 1.0… API Doc
 The Binding interface is the base interface for JAX-WS protocol bindings. API Doc
 The BindingProvider interface provides access to the protocol binding and associated context objects for request and response message processing. API Doc
 The Dispatch interface provides support for the dynamic invocation of a service endpoint operations. The class acts as a… API Doc
 A Web service endpoint. Endpoints are created using the static methods defined in this class. An endpoint is always tied to one Binding and one… API Doc
 The LogicalMessage interface represents a protocol agnostic XML message and contains methods that provide access to the payload of the message. API Doc
 Service endpoints may implement the Provider interface as a dynamic alternative to an SEI. Implementations are required to support… API Doc
 This feature clarifies the use of the wsdl:binding in a JAX-WS runtime. This feature can be used during the creation of SEI proxy, and Dispatch… API Doc
 The Response interface provides methods used to obtain the payload and context of a message sent in response to an operation invocation. For… API Doc
 The orientation of a dynamic client or service. MESSAGE provides access to entire protocol message, PAYLOAD to protocol message payload only.  API Doc
 Service objects provide the client view of a Web service. Service acts as a factory of the following: Proxies for a target service endpoint. … API Doc
 A WebServiceContext makes it possible for a web service endpoint implementation class to access message context and security information… API Doc
 The WebServiceException class is the base exception class for all JAX-WS API runtime exceptions. API Doc
 Holds a value of type T. API Doc
 A WebServiceFeature is used to represent a feature that can be enabled or disabled for a web service. The JAX-WS specification will define some… API Doc