Package javax.xml.bind

 Provide access to JAXB xml binding data for a JAXB object. Intially, the intent of this class is to just conceptualize how a JAXB application… API Doc
 A basic event handler interface for validation errors. If an application needs to implement customized event handling, it must implement this… API Doc
 Enable synchronization between XML infoset nodes and JAXB objects representing same XML document. An instance of this class maintains the… API Doc
  The JAXBContext class provides the client's entry point to the JAXB API. It provides an abstraction for managing the XML/Java binding … API Doc
 JAXB representation of an Xml Element.This class represents information about an Xml Element from both the element declaration within a schema and… API Doc
 This is the root exception class for all JAXB exceptions. API Doc
  The Marshaller class is responsible for governing the process of serializing Java content trees back into XML data. It provides the basic … API Doc
 This exception indicates that an error was encountered while getting or setting a property. API Doc
 Controls where a JAXB implementation puts the generates schema files. An implementation of this abstract class has to be provided by the… API Doc
 This exception indicates that a violation of a dynamically checked type constraint was detected. This exception can be thrown by the generated… API Doc
 The Unmarshaller class governs the process of deserializing XML data into newly created Java content trees, optionally validating the XML data as… API Doc
 This event indicates that a problem was encountered while validating the incoming XML data during an unmarshal operation, while performing … API Doc
 Encapsulate the location of a ValidationEvent. The ValidationEventLocator indicates where the ValidationEvent occurred. Different fields will… API Doc
 This exception indicates that an error has occurred while performing a marshal operation that the provider is unable to recover from. The… API Doc
 This exception indicates that an error has occurred while performing an unmarshal operation that prevents the JAXB Provider from completing the… API Doc
 This exception indicates that an error has occurred while performing a validate operation. The ValidationEventHandler can cause this exception… API Doc
  This interface is deprecated. since JAXB 2.0 As of JAXB 2.0, this class is deprecated and optional. The Validator class is… API Doc