Package javax.swing.text

 A document that can be marked up with character and paragraph styles in a manner similar to the Rich Text Format. The element structure for this… API Doc
 NumberFormatter subclasses InternationalFormatter adding special behavior for numbers. Among the specializations are (these are only used if the… API Doc
 This is the set of things needed by a text component to be a reasonably functioning editor for some type of text document. This implementation… API Doc
 Interface to describe a structural piece of a document. It is intended to capture the spirit of an SGML element. API Doc
 Stores document changes as the document is being modified. Can subsequently be used for change notification when done with the document… API Doc
 An implementation of the document interface to serve as a basis for implementing various kinds of documents. At this level there is very little… API Doc
 A collection of unique attributes. This is a read-only, immutable interface. An attribute is basically a key and a value assigned to the key. … API Doc
 This exception is to report bad locations within a document model (that is, attempts to reference a location that doesn't exist). Warning: … API Doc
 A view that arranges its children into a box shape by tiling its children along an axis. The box is somewhat like that found in TeX where there… API Doc
 A place within a document view that represents where things can be inserted into the document model. A caret has a position in the document… API Doc
 DateFormatter is an InternationalFormatter that does its formatting by way of an instance of java.text.DateFormat. Warning: Serialized objects… API Doc
 A default implementation of Caret. The caret is rendered as a vertical line in the color specified by the CaretColor property of the associated… API Doc
 Cuts the selected region and place its contents into the system clipboard. Warning: Serialized objects of this class will not be compatible… API Doc
 DefaultFormatter formats arbitrary objects. Formatting is done by invoking the toString method. In order to convert the value back to a String,… API Doc
 An implementation of JFormattedTextField.AbstractFormatterFactory. DefaultFormatterFactory allows specifying a number of different… API Doc
 Implements the Highlighter interfaces. Implements a simple highlight painter that renders in a solid color. API Doc
 Specification for building elements. Warning: Serialized objects of this class will not be compatible with future Swing releases. The current… API Doc
  The Document is a container for text that serves as the model for swing text components. The goal for this interface is to scale from very… API Doc
 Establishes the set of things needed by a text component to be a reasonably functioning editor for some type of text content. The EditorKit acts… API Doc
 A GlyphView is a styled chunk of text that represents a view mapped over an element in the text model. This view is generally responsible for… API Doc
 An interface for an object that allows one to mark up the background with colored areas. API Doc
 JTextComponent is the base class for swing text components. It tries to be compatible with the java.awt.TextComponent class where it can… API Doc
 A queue of text layout tasks. API Doc
 MaskFormatter is used to format and edit strings. The behavior of a MaskFormatter is controlled by way of a String mask that specifies the valid… API Doc
 A generic interface for a mutable collection of unique attributes. Implementations will probably want to provide a constructor of the form: … API Doc
 Implements a View suitable for use in JPasswordField UI implementations. This is basically a field ui that renders its contents as the echo… API Doc
 A plain document that maintains no character attributes. The default element structure for this document is a map of the lines in the text. The… API Doc
 A segment of a character array representing a fragment of text. It should be treated as immutable even though the array is directly accessible. … API Doc
 A straightforward implementation of MutableAttributeSet using a hash table. Warning: Serialized objects of this class will not be compatible… API Doc
 A pool of styles and their associated resources. This class determines the lifetime of a group of resources by being a container that holds … API Doc
 Interface for a generic styled document. API Doc
 A TabSet is comprised of many TabStops. It offers methods for locating the closest TabStop to a given position and finding all the potential… API Doc
 This class encapsulates a single tab stop (basically as tab stops are thought of by RTF). A tab stop is at a specified distance from the left… API Doc
  A very important part of the text package is the View class. As the name suggests it represents a view of the text model, or a piece of the text… API Doc
 Represents a location within a document. It is intended to abstract away implementation details of the document and enable specification of … API Doc