Package javax.crypto

 This class implements the functionality of an exemption mechanism such as key recovery, key weakening, or key escrow.  API Doc
 This class provides the functionality for a key exchange protocol. This enables two or more parties to agree on a secret key for symmetric … API Doc
 This class provides an identity cipher that does not transform the input data in any way. The encrypted data is identical to the plain text.  API Doc
 The exception that is thrown when the result of an operation is attempted to store in a user provided buffer that is too small.  API Doc
 This class provides the public API for Message Authentication Code (MAC) algorithms.  API Doc
 Thrown by a Cipher that is using an Authenticated Encryption with Additional Data (AEAD) mode such as Galois/Counter Mode (GCM) and the tag failed… API Doc
 This class implements the EncryptedPrivateKeyInfo ASN.1 type as specified in PKCS #8 - Private-Key Information Syntax Standard. The definition… API Doc
 This is the base class for ExemptionMechanismException.  API Doc
 The exception that is thrown when a padding mechanism is expected for the input data, but the input data does not have the proper padding bytes.  API Doc
 This class provides access to implementations of cryptographic ciphers for encryption and decryption. Cipher classes can not be instantiated… API Doc
 This class wraps an InputStream and a cipher so that read() methods return data that are read from the underlying InputStream and processed by the… API Doc
 This class wraps an output stream and a cipher so that write methods send the data through the cipher before writing them to the underlying output … API Doc
 The exception, that is thrown when the data length provided to a block cipher does not match the block size of the cipher.  API Doc
 This class provides the public API for generating symmetric cryptographic keys.  API Doc
 The exception that is thrown when the requested padding mechanism is not supported.  API Doc
 A SealedObject is a wrapper around a serializable object instance and encrypts it using a cryptographic cipher. Since a SealedObject instance is… API Doc
 A cryptographic secret (symmetric) key. This interface is a marker interface to group secret keys and to provide type safety for. … API Doc
 The public API for SecretKeyFactory implementations. Secret key factories provide the following functionality: convert SecretKey objects to… API Doc