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This code example shows how to use the following methods:get, putIfAbsent, replace
   * Adds {@code delta} to the value currently associated with {@code key}, and returns the new 
   * value. 
  public long addAndGet(K key, long delta) {
    outer: for (;;) { 
      AtomicLong atomic = map.get(key);
      if (atomic == null) {
        atomic = map.putIfAbsent(key, new AtomicLong(delta));
        if (atomic == null) {
          return delta;
        // atomic is now non-null; fall through 
      for (;;) { 
        long oldValue = atomic.get();
        if (oldValue == 0L) {
          // don't compareAndSet a zero 
          if (map.replace(key, atomic, new AtomicLong(delta))) {
            return delta;

replace Method Overview
Replaces the entry for a key only if currently mapped to a given value.
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