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    public TypeCode _type() {
        if (typeCode == null) {
            ORB orb = ORB.init();
            StructMember[] smBuf = new StructMember[2];
            TypeCode minortc = orb.get_primitive_tc(TCKind.tk_long);
            smBuf[0] = new StructMember("minor", minortc, null);
            String csLabels[] = {"COMPLETED_YES", "COMPLETED_NO", "COMPLETED_MAYBE"};
            TypeCode completedtc = orb
                              "CompletionStatus", csLabels);
            smBuf[1] = new StructMember("completed", completedtc, null);
            String id;
            String name;
            if (value == null) {
                name = "SystemException";
                id = "";
            } else { 
                String className = value.getClass().getName();
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