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                //rendering an empty element -- we must insert an empty string in order to preserve the element 
                SimpleAttributeSet content = buildEmptyContent(); 
                elements.add(new ElementSpec(content, ElementSpec.ContentType, "".toCharArray(), 0, 0)); 
            SimpleAttributeSet attr = buildElement(elem);
            elements.add(new ElementSpec(attr, ElementSpec.EndTagType, "}".toCharArray(), 1, 0));
    public void renderElementBackground(ElementBox elem)
        SimpleAttributeSet attr = buildElementBackground(elem);
        attr.addAttribute(Constants.ATTRIBUTE_DRAWING_ORDER, order++);
        elements.add(new ElementSpec(attr, ElementSpec.ContentType, "*".toCharArray(), 0, 1));
    public void renderTextContent(TextBox box)
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