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    private Map<String, Exception> usernameErrorMap = DEFAULT_USERNAME_ERROR_MAP;
    static { 
        DEFAULT_USERNAME_ERROR_MAP.put("accountDisabled", new AccountDisabledException("Account disabled"));
        DEFAULT_USERNAME_ERROR_MAP.put("accountLocked", new AccountLockedException("Account locked"));
        DEFAULT_USERNAME_ERROR_MAP.put("badHours", new InvalidLoginTimeException("Invalid logon hours"));
        DEFAULT_USERNAME_ERROR_MAP.put("badWorkstation", new InvalidLoginLocationException("Invalid workstation"));
        DEFAULT_USERNAME_ERROR_MAP.put("passwordExpired", new CredentialExpiredException("Password expired"));
    public SimpleTestUsernamePasswordAuthenticationHandler() { 
                "{} is only to be used in a testing environment.  NEVER enable this in a production environment.", 
    public void setUsernameErrorMap(final Map<String, Exception> map) {
        this.usernameErrorMap = map;
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