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        ombpi4 =
            new OpenMBeanParameterInfoSupport("name4", "descr", INTEGER, 5,
                                              new Integer[] {2, 3, 5, 7});
        OpenMBeanParameterInfo[] oparams = {ombpi1, ombpi2, ombpi3, ombpi4};
        ombci1 =
            new OpenMBeanConstructorInfoSupport("name", "descr", null);
        ombci2 =
            new OpenMBeanConstructorInfoSupport("name", "descr", oparams);
        omboi1 =
            new OpenMBeanOperationInfoSupport("name", "descr", null,
                                              INTEGER, ACTION);
        omboi2 =
            new OpenMBeanOperationInfoSupport("name", "descr", oparams,
                                              INTEGER, ACTION);
        ombi1 =
            new OpenMBeanInfoSupport("class", "descr", null, null, null, null);
        ombi2 =
            new OpenMBeanInfoSupport(
                "class", "descr", 
                new OpenMBeanAttributeInfo[] {ombai1, ombai2, ombai3, ombai4},
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