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        // TODO: What to do when path is not null ? Simplest: Throw exception. Advanced: Extract other values and create 
        // a new CompositeData with old values and the new value. 
        // However, since this is probably out of scope, we will simply throw an exception if the path is not empty. 
        List<String> pathParts = pRequest.getPathParts();
        if (pathParts != null && pathParts.size() > 0) {
            throw new IllegalArgumentException("Cannot set value for OpenType " + pOpenTypeInfo.getOpenType() + " with inner path " +
                                               pRequest.getPath() + " since OpenTypes are immutable");
        return new Object[] { 
                converters.getToOpenTypeConverter().convertToObject(pOpenTypeInfo.getOpenType(), pRequest.getValue()), 
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