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            return;"Starting test " + className + ".");
        // Getting the destination PDF file (must be there!) 
        String dest= getDest();
        if (dest == null || dest.length() == 0)
            throw new OperationsException("DEST cannot be empty!");
        // Getting the source PDF file 
        String src = getSrc();
        // if there is none, just create a PDF 
        if (src == null || src.length() == 0) {
        // if there is one, manipulate the PDF 
        else { 
        	manipulatePdf(src, dest);
        // Do some further tests on the PDF 
        // Compare the destination PDF with a reference PDF 
        System.out.println(dest + "\n" + getCmpPdf());
This code example shows how to use the following methods:
    public void runTest() throws Exception {"Starting test."); 
        String outPdf = getOutPdf();
        if (outPdf == null || outPdf.length() == 0)
            throw new OperationsException("outPdf cannot be empty!");
        comparePdf(outPdf, getCmpPdf());"Test complete."); 
    protected abstract void makePdf(String outPdf) throws Exception;
     * Gets the name of the resultant PDF file. 
     * This name will be passed to <code>makePdf</code>, <code>assertPdf</code> and <code>comparePdf</code> methods. 
     * @return 
    protected abstract String getOutPdf();
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