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            InvalidTransactionException invalidTransactionException = new InvalidTransactionException(ex.getMessage());
            invalidTransactionException.detail = ex;
            return invalidTransactionException;
        if (ex instanceof OBJECT_NOT_EXIST) {
            NoSuchObjectException noSuchObjectException = new NoSuchObjectException(ex.getMessage());
            noSuchObjectException.detail = ex;
            return noSuchObjectException;
        if (ex instanceof NO_PERMISSION) {
            return new AccessException(ex.getMessage(), ex);
        if (ex instanceof MARSHAL) {
            return new MarshalException(ex.getMessage(), ex);
        if (ex instanceof UNKNOWN) {
            return new RemoteException(ex.getMessage(), ex);
        return delegate.mapSystemException(ex);
This code example shows how to use the following methods:
    public Object invoke(final Object proxy, final Method method, final Object... args) throws Throwable {
        if (isInvalidReference.get()) {
            if (remote || java.rmi.Remote.class.isAssignableFrom(method.getDeclaringClass())) {
                throw new NoSuchObjectException("reference is invalid");
            } else { 
                throw new NoSuchEJBException("reference is invalid"); 
        return _invoke(proxy, method, args);
    protected abstract Object _invoke(Object proxy, Method method, Object[] args) throws Throwable;
    protected EJBResponse request(final EJBRequest req) throws Exception {
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