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package org.eclipse.tycho.plugins.tar; 
import java.nio.file.attribute.PosixFilePermission; 
import java.util.Set; 
public class FilePermissionHelper { 
    private static final int OWNER_READ_FILEMODE = 0400; 
    private static final int OWNER_WRITE_FILEMODE = 0200; 
    private static final int OWNER_EXEC_FILEMODE = 0100; 
    private static final int GROUP_READ_FILEMODE = 0040; 
    private static final int GROUP_WRITE_FILEMODE = 0020; 
    private static final int GROUP_EXEC_FILEMODE = 0010; 
    private static final int OTHERS_READ_FILEMODE = 0004; 
    private static final int OTHERS_WRITE_FILEMODE = 0002; 
    private static final int OTHERS_EXEC_FILEMODE = 0001; 
    private FilePermissionHelper() { 
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 * Attribute provider that provides the "unix" attribute view. 
 * @author Colin Decker 
final class UnixAttributeProvider extends AttributeProvider { 
  private static final ImmutableSet<String> ATTRIBUTES = ImmutableSet.of(
  private static final ImmutableSet<String> INHERITED_VIEWS =
      ImmutableSet.of("basic", "owner", "posix"); 
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