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		setVisibility(result, member.getModifiers());
	protected void enhanceGenericDeclaration(JvmExecutable result, GenericDeclaration declaration) {
		TypeVariable<?>[] typeParameters = declaration.getTypeParameters();
		if (typeParameters.length != 0) {
			InternalEList<JvmTypeParameter> jvmTypeParameters = (InternalEList<JvmTypeParameter>)result.getTypeParameters();
			for (TypeVariable<?> variable : typeParameters) {
				jvmTypeParameters.addUnique(createTypeParameter(variable, result));
	protected JvmOperation createOperation(Method method) {
		JvmOperation result = TypesFactory.eINSTANCE.createJvmOperation();
		Type[] genericParameterTypes = null;
		try { 
			genericParameterTypes = method.getGenericParameterTypes();
		} catch (GenericSignatureFormatError error) {
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