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Searching with Codota

Codota understands code. Codota semantic search enables you to easily:

  • Find existing code you can reuse or learn from
  • Pinpoint exactly where, and how, classes and methods are used
  • Search all your codebase, across multiple repositories, private and public
  • Navigate new code using IDE-like code browsing
  • Evaluate impact of changes in the code
Codota currently understands Java and Scala. Additional languages coming soon.

Experience our powerful semantic search code on:
square/okhttp |  apache/storm |  google/guava

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We offer a free trial and our pricing scheme is straightforward. And did we mention it's completely free for open source projects on GitHub?

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Codota is a SaaS solution. Submit your repo, add team members, and you're set.

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Your code remains safe. Only authorized team members can access your code on Codota. All communication is encrypted using TLS.

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Learn from the right examples

Use Codota to find code examples that are credible, common, and easy to read. Tap into the collective knowledge of your organization!