A thread-safe AbstractCache.StatsCounter implementation for use by Cache implementors. API Doc
 A semi-persistent mapping from keys to values. Cache entries are manually added using get(Object, Callable) or put(Object, Object), and are stored… API Doc
 A builder of LoadingCache and Cache instances having any combination of the following features: automatic loading of entries into the cache … API Doc
 A specification of a CacheBuilder configuration. CacheBuilderSpec supports parsing configuration off of a string, which makes it especially… API Doc
 Computes or retrieves values, based on a key, for use in populating a LoadingCache. Most implementations will only need to implement load(K).… API Doc
 Statistics about the performance of a Cache. Instances of this class are immutable. Cache statistics are incremented according to the following… API Doc
 A semi-persistent mapping from keys to values. Values are automatically loaded by the cache, and are stored in the cache until either evicted or… API Doc
 The reason why a cached entry was removed. API Doc
 An object that can receive a notification when an entry is removed from a cache. The removal resulting in notification could have occured to an… API Doc
 A notification of the removal of a single entry. The key and/or value may be null if they were already garbage collected. Like other Map.Entry… API Doc

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