Utility class for converting between various ASCII case formats. Behavior is undefined for non-ASCII input. API Doc
 A function from A to B with an associated reverse function from B to A; used for converting back and forth between different representations of the… API Doc
 Determines a true or false value for any Java char value, just as Predicate does for any Object. Also offers basic text processing methods based on… API Doc
 Wraps an object so that equals(Object) and hashCode() delegate to an Equivalence. For example, given an Equivalence for String strings named… API Doc
 Determines an output value based on an input value. The Functions class provides common functions and related utilites. See the Guava User Guide… API Doc
 An object that joins map entries in the same manner as Joiner joins iterables and arrays. Like Joiner, it is thread-safe and immutable. In… API Doc
 An object which joins pieces of text (specified as an array, Iterable, varargs or even a Map) with a separator. It either appends the results to an… API Doc
 Support class for toStringHelper(Class). API Doc
  This class is deprecated. Use MoreObjects.ToStringHelper instead. This class is scheduled for removal in June 2016. Support… API Doc
 An immutable object that may contain a non-null reference to another object. Each instance of this type either contains a non-null reference, or… API Doc
 Determines a true or false value for a given input. The Predicates class provides common predicates and related utilities. See the Guava User… API Doc
 Extracts non-overlapping substrings from an input string, typically by recognizing appearances of a separator sequence. This separator can be … API Doc
 An object that measures elapsed time in nanoseconds. It is useful to measure elapsed time using this class instead of direct calls to nanoTime()… API Doc
 Represents a standard system property. API Doc
 A class that can supply objects of a single type. Semantically, this could be a factory, generator, builder, closure, or something else entirely.… API Doc
 A time source; returns a time value representing the number of nanoseconds elapsed since some fixed but arbitrary point in time. Note that most… API Doc

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