Codota Code Browsing Assistant

Turn your Chrome browser into a powerful code viewer that brings Android and Java code snippets to life. The Codota extension analyzes code snippets in web pages and gives you the ultimate code browsing experience.

Interactive code snippets

Read code using our advanced IDE-like features in your browser

  • Get the API docs by clicking classes or methods
  • Click variables to see all references
  • See apilevel compatability issues

Get the best code examples

Use Codota to find the best code examples for every class or method in the code. Tap into the collective knowledge of the community!


Save your useful snippets

Save the snippets that helped you in your CodeBox, so you'll never have to spend precious time searching for them again

Frequently asked questions

The Codota extension for Chrome is an interactive code viewer that helps you read and save Android and Java code snippets
Codota analyzes the snippets and shows the following information
  • Docs for Android classes and methods used in the code
  • Highlights variable references
  • apilevel compatibility info
We save your snippets securely in your private CodeBox in Codota. Access to your CodeBox is always secured using SSL (https protocol).
Currently Codota works with Google Chrome on Desktop (Linux, OSX and Windows). It enhances Java and Android snippets on the following websites:
  • (public repos only)
We're continuing to add sites, feel free to request Codota to enhance snippets on other sites!
You can install the Codota extension from this link.
Here you go! In addition, there is a little "Feedback & support" link on the header of our enhanced snippets