Code example for JSONTokener

Methods: nextValue

    // Returns either a JSONObject or JSONArray representation of the 'key' property of 'jsonObject'. 
    public static Object getStringPropertyAsJSON(JSONObject jsonObject, String key, String nonJSONPropertyKey)
            throws JSONException { 
        Object value = jsonObject.opt(key);
        if (value != null && value instanceof String) {
            JSONTokener tokener = new JSONTokener((String) value);
            value = tokener.nextValue();
        if (value != null && !(value instanceof JSONObject || value instanceof JSONArray)) {
            if (nonJSONPropertyKey != null) {
                // Facebook sometimes gives us back a non-JSON value such as 
                // literal "true" or "false" as a result. 
                // If we got something like that, we present it to the caller as 
                // a GraphObject with a single 
                // property. We only do this if the caller wants that behavior. 
                jsonObject = new JSONObject();
                jsonObject.putOpt(nonJSONPropertyKey, value);
                return jsonObject;
            } else {