Code example for ZipFile

                CLog.e("Missing jar file %s", jarFile.getPath());
                return false; 
            CLog.d("Extracting jar file %s to host temp directory %s.", 
                    jarFile.getPath(), localTmpDir.getPath());
            ZipFile zipFile = new ZipFile(jarFile);
            FileUtil.extractZip(zipFile, localTmpDir);
            File localTestTmpDir = new File(localTmpDir, "tests");
            CLog.d("Syncing host dir %s to device dir %s", 
                    localTestTmpDir.getPath(), VM_TEST_TEMP_DIR);
            if (!device.pushDir(localTestTmpDir, VM_TEST_TEMP_DIR)) {
                CLog.e("Failed to push vm test files"); 
                return false; 
            CLog.d("Cleaning up host temp dir %s", localTmpDir.getPath());
        } catch (IOException e) {
            CLog.e("Failed to extract jar file %s and sync it to device %s.", 
                    getJarFileName(), device.getSerialNumber());
            return false; 
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