Code example for DatabaseUtils.InsertHelper

Methods: bind, execute, prepareForInsert

	public int addQuestionFast(Question question) {
		if (mDB == null) {
			throw new TeuriaSQLException("The DB is not in fast questions insertion mode"); 
        mQuestionsInsertHelper.bind(mIHquestionTitleColumn, question.getTitle());
        mQuestionsInsertHelper.bind(mIHquestionDescriptionColumn, question.getDescription());
        mQuestionsInsertHelper.bind(mIHquestionCategoryColumn, question.getCategory());
		return (int)mQuestionsInsertHelper.execute();
	 * Initialize an answer record for the current user. 
	 * @param questionID _id of the corresponding question 
	 * @return - _id of the newly-inserted answer record 
	public int initAnswerRecordFast(int questionID) {
		if (mDB == null) {