Code example for PipedOutputStream

Methods: closeflush

        * Create a PipedOutputStream to get the output from the tested method. 
        * Pass the PipedOutputStream to the ConsumerPipe's constructor, which 
        * will create a PipedInputStream in a separate thread. 
        PipedOutputStream out = new PipedOutputStream();
        OutputStreamWriter writer = new OutputStreamWriter(out);
        ConsumerPipe cpipe = new ConsumerPipe(out);
        * Call the method under test, passing the PipedOutStream to trap the 
        * results. 
        XMLUtils.ElementToWriter(elem, writer);
        * The output of the test will be piped to ConsumerPipe's PipedInputStream, which 
        * is used to read the bytes of the stream into an array.  It then creates a 
        * String for comparison from that byte array. 
        String result = cpipe.getResult();
        //don't forget to close this end of the pipe (ConsumerPipe closes the other end). 
        assertEquals("Did not get the expected result", expected, result);