Code example for HttpDelete

Methods: setHeaders

	     * @param url the URL to send the request to. 
	     * @param headers set one-time headers for this request 
	     * @param responseHandler the response handler instance that should handle the response. 
	    public void delete(Context context, String url, Header[] headers, AsyncHttpResponseHandler responseHandler) {
	        final HttpDelete delete = new HttpDelete(url);
	        if(headers != null) delete.setHeaders(headers);
	        sendRequest(httpClient, httpContext, delete, null, responseHandler, context);
	    // Private stuff 
	    protected void sendRequest(DefaultHttpClient client, HttpContext httpContext, HttpUriRequest uriRequest, String contentType, AsyncHttpResponseHandler responseHandler, Context context) {
	        if(contentType != null) {
	            uriRequest.addHeader("Content-Type", contentType);
	        Future<?> request = threadPool.submit(new AsyncHttpRequest(client, httpContext, uriRequest, responseHandler));
	        if(context != null) {