Code example for DHPrivateKey

Methods: getParamsgetX

        if (spec.isAssignableFrom(DHPrivateKeySpec.class) && key instanceof DHPrivateKey)
            DHPrivateKey k = (DHPrivateKey)key;
            return new DHPrivateKeySpec(k.getX(), k.getParams().getP(), k.getParams().getG());
        else if (spec.isAssignableFrom(DHPublicKeySpec.class) && key instanceof DHPublicKey)
            DHPublicKey k = (DHPublicKey)key;
            return new DHPublicKeySpec(k.getY(), k.getParams().getP(), k.getParams().getG());
        return super.engineGetKeySpec(key, spec);
    protected Key engineTranslateKey(
        Key key)
        throws InvalidKeyException 
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