Code example for ObjectInputStream

        boolean[][] arrays = new boolean[ncycles][size]; 
        StreamBuffer sbuf = new StreamBuffer(); 
        ObjectOutputStream oout = 
            new ObjectOutputStream(sbuf.getOutputStream()); 
        ObjectInputStream oin = 
            new ObjectInputStream(sbuf.getInputStream()); 
        doReps(oout, oin, sbuf, arrays, 1);     // warmup 
        long start = System.currentTimeMillis(); 
        doReps(oout, oin, sbuf, arrays, nbatches); 
        return System.currentTimeMillis() - start; 
     * Run benchmark for given number of batches, with given number of cycles 
     * for each batch. 
    void doReps(ObjectOutputStream oout, ObjectInputStream oin, 
                StreamBuffer sbuf, boolean[][] arrays, int nbatches)