Code example for SuggestionsInfo

            // Just a fake logic: 
            // length <= 3 for short words that we assume are in the fake dictionary 
            // length > 20 for too long words that we assume can't be recognized (such as CJK words) 
            final int flags = length <= 3 ? SuggestionsInfo.RESULT_ATTR_IN_THE_DICTIONARY
                    : length <= 20 ? SuggestionsInfo.RESULT_ATTR_LOOKS_LIKE_TYPO : 0;
            return new SuggestionsInfo(flags,
                    new String[] {"aaa", "bbb", "Candidate for " + input, mLocale});
         * Please consider providing your own implementation of sentence level spell checking. 
         * Please note that this sample implementation is just a mock to demonstrate how a sentence 
         * level spell checker returns the result. 
         * If you don't override this method, the framework converts queries of 
         * {@link SpellCheckerService.Session#onGetSentenceSuggestionsMultiple(TextInfo[], int)} 
         * to queries of 
         * {@link SpellCheckerService.Session#onGetSuggestionsMultiple(TextInfo[], int, boolean)} 
         * by the default implementation. 
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