Code example for URI

Methods: getAuthoritygetQuerygetScheme

		try { 
			//Bug 326957 - EFSExtensionProvider does not handle URI's correctly  
			return new URI(uri.getScheme(), uri.getAuthority(), pathBuf.toString(), // replaced!
					uri.getQuery(), uri.getFragment());
		} catch (URISyntaxException e) {
		return null; 
	 * For filesystems that map the path to a physical file in one filesystem (say on a remote machine) to 
	 * another path (say, on the local machine), this method returns the path that the store maps to. I.e., it 
	 * returns the path that the path returned by getPathFromURI(URI locationURI) maps to. If there is no such 
	 * mapping, then an identity mapping of the paths is assumed. 
	 * Typically if a filesystem maps one filesytem to another, it will place the mapped path in the path