Code example for Invitation

Methods: getInvitationId

		// If this was the games client and it came with an invite, store it for 
		// later retrieval. 
		if (mClientCurrentlyConnecting == CLIENT_GAMES && connectionHint != null) {
			debugLog("onConnected: connection hint provided. Checking for invite."); 
			Invitation inv = connectionHint.getParcelable(GamesClient.EXTRA_INVITATION);
			if (inv != null && inv.getInvitationId() != null) {
				// accept invitation 
				debugLog("onConnected: connection hint has a room invite!"); 
				mInvitationId = inv.getInvitationId();
				debugLog("Invitation ID: " + mInvitationId);
		// connect the next client in line, if any. 
	void succeedSignIn() { 
		debugLog("All requested clients connected. Sign-in succeeded!"); 
		mSignedIn = true;
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