Code example for ViewPager

Methods: getAdaptersetAdaptersetCurrentItem

	super(context, attrs);
    public void setAdapter(PagerAdapter adapter) {
	// offset first element so that we can scroll to the left 
    public void setCurrentItem(int item) {
	// offset the current item to ensure there is space to scroll 
	item = getOffsetAmount() + (item % getAdapter().getCount());
    private int getOffsetAmount() { 
	if (getAdapter() instanceof InfinitePagerAdapter) { 
	    InfinitePagerAdapter infAdapter = (InfinitePagerAdapter) getAdapter();
	    // allow for 100 back cycles from the beginning 
	    // should be enough to create an illusion of infinity 
	    // warning: scrolling to very high values (1,000,000+) results in 
	    // strange drawing behaviour 
	    return infAdapter.getRealCount() * 100;
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